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"I got a set of sanders as soon as possible and have used them on everything I color sand"

"Achieving a flat show finish. Quick Cut Sanding systems eliminates the hard labor. Almost making color sanding fun"

"Where ever I go people (including professional painters) come up to me and ask, how did you get that finish? I look at them and say, Quick Cut Sanders."

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Welcome to the new home page of Quick Cut Sanders.

If you are looking for the quickest, easiest way to achieve that show car shine on any surface you need to try our tools. They are the secret weapon used by a great many custom and premier restoration shops around the world.

If you have been to the SEMA show you have seen what our tools can do. We have a booth there but that is not the best place to see what our tools can do.....go out to the PPG booth, go and walk around the concourse, we consistently have 5-10 cars at the show that have used our system to get that mirror finish.

The best part is the builder got that finish in about half the time of the other guys....can you tell the difference? NO WAY! In some cases the cars done with our wet sanding system are better, flatter and flawless.

Try our product, we guarantee that it does what it says or your money back......PERIOD.

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3" Wet Sanding System
3" Wet Sanding System
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6" & 3" Combo Wet Sanding System
6" & 3" Combo Wet Sanding System
Your Price: $899.00
6" Wet Sanding System
6" Wet Sanding System
Your Price: $499.00
CLAYPER Small Starter Kit
CLAYPER Small Starter Kit
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CLAYPER Small Starter Kit CLAYPER Small Starter Kit
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2" Premium Automotive Masking Tape
3/4" Premium Automotive Masking Tape

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